Your own original full-stack web application

About Capstones

The Capstone is a web application that touches on every major technology we cover at PDX Code Guild: Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Django.

By completing a Capstone project, students create a software product from start to finish, learning each step of the software development lifecycle. Students use the knowledge they have learned throughout the course to create a polished end product.

A finished Capstone provides both a practical application of web development concepts and skills, and is the perfect start to a professional development portfolio!


Previous Capstones

Cory Morrissey

Offers users to login and create custom workouts, saving them for later use on mobile while at the gym.

Matt Brown

Viewsic connects to your Spotify account to show the artists, genres, and songs you play most often. It also shows the overall scores of your music by happiness, dancibility, and energy, and compares them to the average. By Matthew.

Emyli Poltorak

Chanterelle allows users to write a Todo list with ordered events, represented as a directed acyclic graph. The main view uses Cytoscape to visualize the nodes and edges of the graph. A "next up" list shows only the immediate todo items. Redundant edges are already removed (transitive reduction), as well as cycles. The back-end uses Django Rest Framework and the front-end is in React. Time and task tracking based on the Pomodoro Technique, with a visualization of break and focus periods and timeline using vis.js.

Remington Hendrickson

Tit4Tat is, at its most basic concept, designed for people to exchange time for services rendered rather than money. In other words, a person (in my case a filmmaker) will post a project that they have in mind and is looking for help. By looking through other projects they can communicate to the other creator and then commit to each others idea if agreeable. User profiles include skills (type and level), interests, and equipment.